A website created with RWD will display differently depending on what device is used to access the site. For example, a responsive website may appear one way on a desktop, another way on a tablet, and still another way on smartphone but the information is the same just layed out differently to accommodate the screen size.

Responsive Web Design +'s


The customer only has to pay for the development of one website. No mobile apps or mobile websites are necessary. There's only one website that needs support too, so this cuts down on monthly web support costs.

Helps SEO

With the same website name for desktop, laptop and mobile users, any site I design has uniformity. This makes for better user interaction, is easier for Google's link algorithms, and increases crawler efficiency.

Website Performance

Planning ahead for RWD, especially using the mobile-first-approach, can lead to cleaner and, therefore, faster performing code on mobile and desktop size devices.

Find Information Easier

Using RWD in your site design means the website will get a lot more visitors who are using different mobile devices, such as smart tablets and phones.