You can view the analytics of your website traffic, track where your users are coming from and where they're going, and learn how and why your users are visiting your website over any given period of time.


The goals you setup for your website are the foundation of your website analysis because everything gravitates around your goals and conversion rates.

Site Speed

A feature of Google Analytics that lets you see the load time of your pages. This will help you check what pages need your attention and determine you to look for ways of speeding up the load time of your pages.

Site Search

Lets you discover the exact keywords that people use to search for your products, take this a step further and use them in your search engine optimization campaigns.

Track Events

A powerful feature that can help you track things like - how many people downloaded your eBook, what ads are performing and who plays,stops or fast forwards your video.

Real-Time Reporting

You are able to see how many visitors are on your website in that moment, where they are on your website, from where they come (keywords and referrals) and where they live.

Campaign Tracking

It will help you track more accurately links from other websites and links that you use to promote your content or campaigns.